Different Forms of Exotic Dance

There are different types of exotic dance. We have touched on a few of them already. The belly dance, the strip tease which led to the hoochie coochie, and the pole dance.

Contact dancing or what we call today ‘lap dancing’ began in the early 1900s in Montreal. It eventually came to the United States and became a legal form of dance in this country in 1999. There is more pole work done in strip clubs nowadays than there are strip teases as women rarely wear much more than a G- string when dancing. Another form of exotic dance is the Tahitian dance. This dance originates in French, Polynesia. It is characterized by its fast hip shaking. To offer a bit of a twist, this dance is done by both male and female rockstar strippers. They dance to fast drums, but no singing. Often they dance in grass skirts with no shoes. The Samba, is another popular form of exotic dance. This form is from Brazil. It is a sort of gliding dance that involves elegant use of the body. The dance originated in Salvador, Bahia where it was passed on to the descendants of African slaves. From here it made its way to Rio de Janeiro and made there its cultural home.

The Tango is very popular across tube world as an Argentinian dance. It has a number of influences in European and African cultures. This dance is danced by a couple and can be very entertaining and exciting to watch. Another form of exotic dance, the Zulu is a more traditional dance from South Africa. It is performed traditionally in such times as war or marriage. This dance consists of lifting the legs high above the head a number of times.